Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chicken fat gravy, anyone?

I had a funny experience last night while making dinner that I thought I'd share. I made honey roasted chicken and was attempting to make a gravy from the pan drippings once I took the chicken out of the oven. Now, I make sauces all the time this way. This was a 100% LARGE brain fart that turned out so disgusting, my stomach churns when I think about it!

Roasted chicken is fairly oil because it still has the skin on it. So that's pretty much what makes up the drippings. I poured all of this fat into my rue, whisked it all up until it thickened nicely, and had my taste-tester (usually Brandon's favorite job) come and sample. The second it hit his tongue he made the most disgusted face I've ever seen and began frantically scavenging the fridge for something else to put in his mouth.

Anyways, to make a long story short, it was disgusting and hilarious. I tasted it and almost threw up. Thank goodness I had a lemon cut and sitting right next to me, because I squeezed the whole thing in my mouth.

Don't ever make a sauce from the pan drippings of roasted chicken. Roast your chicken, drain the fat, add a little broth and veggies (or whatever yummy things you want) to the pan, roast the chicken for 15-20 more minutes, and then use THOSE drippings.

I'm just glad I went against my all-knowing chef instincts and had it sampled before I dumped it all over the beautiful chicken and served it.


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  1. Yuck! Hahaha that is awesome. And honey roasted chicken sounds yummy.